Uniters NA is a company that brings together the very best products for furniture protections

January 16, 2014
Uniters NA is a company that brings together the very best products for furniture protections. Uniters is short for Uniters North America, LLC. It is a relevant name, having united some of the most effective and successful furniture protection products and brands in the industry. The services and products they offer are the very highest of quality, without a similarly high price tag. Uniters knows that the advantage in using their products is that the customer receives a high quality solution to their furniture protection issues without forfeiting a good deal of money, as they would elsewhere.

Uniters NA provides their customers with an outstanding hassle free solution for furniture protection and home-car related issues. Leather Master, Textile Master, Wood Master, Auto Care Master, Repair Master, and Boat Master are the recognizable brands that are run under the umbrella of Uniters. Each of these have been developed under, and improve with, Dr. Tork Laboratories. The products that have been put out by Uniters are the result of more than forty years of intensive research and product development by Dr. Leo Tork. He has been recognized as one of the world's leading researchers in this field and the products that have been put out by Uniters NA proves this.  Dr. Leo Tork owns over one-hundred patents for his various inventions and research projects. Dr. Leo Tork and his team of researchers are hard at work every day to not only develop new products that solve new problems, but also to improve the existing products in order to make them even better. Glass, marble, steel, and platic are materials they are interested in developing products for next.

Dr. Tork's Research Centre and Gordian Tork have been able to develop a complete range of services related to home care and furniture protection or restoration. They have successfully established trading relationships with businesses all over the globe. This has allowed their products to have a large user base, since they are sold by locations all over. Additionally, Uniters only produces environmentally-friendly, safe, natural products—they are not in the business of creating pollutants.